Fraudulent Pedigrees


We have been informed that a Mr. RUSSELL MAIR, Capledrae Court, Ballingry, Fife, Scotland is breeding and selling Rottweiler pups/dogs registered with the Dog Lover Registration Club UK Ltd. using fraudulent pedigree and registration certificates which states. Sire: ZORGS THE WRANGLER (DLRC Reg. No. 29374) - Dam: ARTIG HOT CARGO (DLRC Reg. No. 29375) registering himself as the owners of our dogs.

ZORGS THE WRANGLER was bred and owned by us for all his life, he died in August 2001.
ARTIG HOT CARGO was bred by the Artig Kennels and we owned her until her death in 2004, she was spayed in January 2002.

Both our dogs were Kennel Club registered and never registered by us with the DLRC (UK) LTD.
It appears that our two dogs have produced litters from their graves for the benefit of MR RUSSELL MAIR who is using our pedigree fraudulently.

ALL our dogs are DNA profiled which means any pups from our stock can be positively identified. DNA profiling can also identify the parentage of every individual pup in a mixed litter. i.e. two different dogs mating the same bitch.
Anyone purchasing dogs/pups from this 'breeder' should be aware that they can prosecute him under the Trading Standards Act 2002 also The Sales of Goods Act 1979 and because of the deception under the Trade Description Act.


We have been informed that MR. HINDLE of Blackpool, England has issued fraudulent pedigrees "in error"??? to a litter sired by his dog 'Traveller Fargo' stating his bitch 'Midnite Magic' was sired by ZORGS ICE FOX x Celtic Prinz & Braxenburgs Home Girl and her dam as ZORGS TICKLED PINK x Gamegards Diamonds & Bomarks Mia of Sir-Lon. This is again completly false. The mother of the litter is 'Midnite Magic' but how she was bred is a total mystery. It certainly was not any Zorgs Rottweilers. Again the same applies to the buyers of these pups as above.


We have received from potential puppy buyer of the above breeder, emails and phone calls which state that Mr & Mrs Lavery’s pups are from Zorgs lines. Emails reads.”mother from Zorgs lines, google Zorgs to see the type of dog she is”. This information is totally misleading and false
Buyers should be aware that Zorgs Fire of Passion was a bitch and not a dog as they state. Bred by us, off of Armagret and Artig lines, sold by us as a pup. Therefore there was NO Zorgs lines/blood in this litter. Fire of Passion is in fact FOUR generations back from the said pups.

So you read the advert. "Rottweiler pups for sale. Registered. Excellent pedigree. Hip Scored. etc. etc. etc". You've made the phone call. Money in pocket, off you go to buy your pup. So - WHAT is it you are actually buying? Have you done your research? Do you know what to look for? OK - we all know that it is a fluffy, appealing black and tan bundle of fun, guaranteed to melt your heart and ensure that you part with your hard earned cash. You have read all the available books, checked the internet and now have the Breed Standard firmly planted in your mind. Yes - it definitely LOOKS like a rottie puppy. Nothing can go wrong!! WANT TO BET!! Did you consider to CHECK and find out what Hip & Elbow scoring is all about? What a KC/BVA score sheet actually looks like? Is it the original or a copy? What is a good score or a bad score? Does it actually belong to the mother of the pups or to some other dog? Do you know what a Registration Certificate looks like and what Endorsements are? Do you know the difference between Kennel Club registrations and DLRC (UK) Ltd or any other 'registration' company? Your DLRC registration could be that of a cat or the figment of someone else's imagination!! Have you been shown a copy or been given the pups pedigree? Is "Roxy" who is now slobbering all over you, selling what great natures her pups are going to inherit REALLY the mother of your pup? What is her registered name and number? Does this match with all the official paperwork and guarantees that the breeder claims? Whose the father? - it might be the black lab down the road!!! Yes - it happens. Who is the father? Who owns him? What is his Kennel Club registered name and number? Does he have all the correct certificates which the breeder of your pup claims? Have you seen them? Do you know about Breeder Codes of Ethics and what they are? Is the seller a dog dealer or a breeder?

 make sure it isn't YOU.


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